5 Ideas for Decorating with Granite



Decorating with Granite

Granite is a natural element with exquisite beauty often unable to be imitated. Through the ages, it has been used for its decorative properties as well as its longevity. Each piece has a personality of its own – which only enhances its splendor. From tabletops to sculpture and everything in between, granite brings class and style to any space. Here are five dynamite ideas for decorating with granite in your home.


Give any tabletop the ultimate “wow” factor by using granite as your material of choice. Whether you use a thick slab with rough and natural edges for a dining table or a polished piece to top an end table or nightstand, granite brings timeless beauty and style into any room.


Who can dispute the value and ambiance of a granite countertop in a kitchen? It’s one of the most sought-after materials for topping cabinets or center islands. It can be mixed and matched with so many other decorating essentials in the room and can bring out the colors in coordinating wood and tile elements. If you’re trying to decide what to use for your kitchen counters, consider a granite upgrade.


A fireplace in its own right is a majestic furnishing. Add a granite facade, mantle or hearth and you’ll have a focal point in your room that your guests will remember long after the warmth of their visit. You can incorporate large, custom pieces of granite into your fireplace or use less expensive granite tiles to bring its natural beauty to your fire nook.

In the Bath

Granite can also be a stunning addition to your bath. It’s the perfect building material for places with water contact and it can incorporate a sleek, dramatic surface in small spaces, giving them a big presence.


Granite sculptures come in many shapes, styles and sizes. They can be traditional or contemporary – they can be used indoors or out. No matter where you use them, there’s something special and unique about an image carved from granite and it translates right into the space it occupies. When a gifted artist uses the natural color and pattern of granite in a sculpture, the result is nothing short of amazing.

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