If there’s one thing that matters the most in every kitchen and bathroom project, it is countertop edges. At Express Marble & Granite Inc. we believe in little details. Edges play a significant role in the final look of your kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity. The overall aesthetic of your kitchen or bathroom might get ruined if you allow low quality work to take place.

Experts always take care of the finest details and that’s what we at Express Marble & Granite Inc. have been doing for years. We aim to educate our customers regarding various types of edges.

Your countertops can get a 90 degree straight look with a square edge, while eased edges combine a rounded top with linear bottom edges. This is how the variety ranges from simple eased edges to complex French Cove edges.

Types of Countertop Edges

We have provided this list of some of the most popular edges that you might like to choose from:

  • Square
  • Eased
  • Bevel
  • Bullnose
  • Demi Bullnose
  • Mitered
  • Dupont
  • French Cove
  • Ogee

We shape the edges to perfection, so you can opt for any of the above mentioned countertop edges. You can also choose a combination of edges if your kitchen has more space and more countertops than an average kitchen. We guarantee a clean finish to each and every edge detail you select for your kitchen or bathroom vanity.  Come to our showroom here at 275 Hopping Brook Rd, Holliston MA Suite #4 and see all the custom countertop edges that are available for you to choose from. We are ready to show you all the options that you would like your new countertops to have for their custom and unique profile.  We look forward to helping you design that absolute perfect kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, stone fireplaces, tub and shower surrounds.

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