Glass Countertops: A Green New Surface for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Glass Countertop

Glass Countertops

Glass Countertops

When you think of remodeling with glass tiles, you probably think of glass wall tiles or stained glass windows. Glass isn’t just for the windows anymore. Kitchen countertops, and even bathroom countertops, are now being made out of glass as a sturdy, sleek, modern and eco-friendly alternative. Colored glass countertops can give a kitchen a great modern look for any taste.
Because glass countertops are non-porous, the sleek alternative to granite or even concrete countertops is stain resistant. In most designs there is no seaming, since the countertops are all in one piece.

The glass may also come in tiles, but that is a choice you make taking your own home and needs into consideration. While looking beautiful and modern, glass is surprisingly durable. They can withstand hot pots, and the wear and tear of any busy household. However, these countertops are not steel. They will fall victim to heavy impacts and need to be cleaned often as they show fingerprints easily.

The glass can be custom fit to meet your family’s needs as well. Size, shape, color, and even texture can all be fit to meet your needs. Art can be incorporated into your design as well as tiles or portions of other material such as stainless steel. It might be the fresh facelift your kitchen needs. Glass countertops come in a range of textures and you should consider all before deciding to go with just one. These textures can change the entire look of the glass, and sandblasting can even incorporate a pattern into the glass.

Different colors can be used, but a light green is the natural color of the glass. To obtain the new colors tint and colored coatings are applied to the back of the glass before installation. Different colors can be used to create patterns and to make a countertop that is uniquely yours.

The glass countertops are an eco-friendly alternative to more traditional surfaces because the glass can be made out of recycled glass. Companies such as Vetrazzo make countertops that are 85% repurposed glass. Their mosaic design is definitely unique and visually interesting. As for green countertop alternatives glass is one of the best. Another choice is bamboo.

You wouldn’t think this for a countertop. A wide range of new methods are making it possible. The bamboo is pressed into solid plywood pieces and then is laminated with a formaldehyde-free adhesive. There really is no limit to the material you can use these days. Many companies are developing greener alternatives, and glass countertops are at the forefront.

By simply thinking outside of the normal, and looking to old materials for a new concept, you can make your kitchen stand out among a sea of granite and Formica.

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