Granite Polish the Second Step in Stone Maintenance

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Most people don’t understand the importance of regularly using granite polish on their natural stone countertops. Granite, marble, and other natural stones are naturally porous. That means that liquids can get down into the stone and cause permanent damage and staining. It is important to keep the granite clean and protected in order to prevent this from happening.

Sealing natural stone is imperative

That semi-permanent barrier keeps moisture out of the natural stone. The sealer needs refreshing every twelve or eighteen months. But, there are steps in between that keep the moisture out. These steps are very important and must be followed to protect your natural stone.

After sealing, granite polish is the next layer of protection

This polish adds a layer of protection on top of the sealer. Manufacturers recommend applying it every week or two. It helps fill in minor imperfections in the stone and refreshes the stone’s ability to ward off moisture. This intermediate barrier is one that many people think they do not need. But, it provides the protection against spills that people do not notice for a while. It keeps things protected until you can clean them. Without a good polish, your granite may suffer permanent damage or staining due to the lack of an extra protective barrier.

Granite cleaner offers daily protection and cleaning

It is something you use every day to keep the granite clean. But, the granite polish is what keeps the surface clean and shiny. It helps enhance the colors in the natural stone. This polish works well on both new and old surfaces. It is a perfect way to restore the look of older stone architecture pieces like fireplace mantels. It pulls out the colors while protecting the stone from the elements. You can restore the stone surface to a beautiful look that will enhance your home.

You need a granite polish to keep your natural stone surfaces looking good

Most people love the look of natural stone. The colors and patterns are endless with natural stones like marble, granite, and onyx. But, using a polish regularly will keep those colors shining for years to come. That means you can enjoy their look and shine without worrying about damage to the surface. Using the right products makes all the difference in the long-term looks of a natural stone surface. It is best to start using the right products from the start. But, these products can also restore the surface of natural stone cleaned with other products.

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