granite stone

Being the second hardest naturally occurring material on Earth, Granite is the most durable stone for your kitchen and bath countertops. Minerals in granite are massive, hard, tough and closely spaced. This makes it the best countertop material. The small flecks make granite seem like salt and pepper, offering an everlasting look for your interior.

The hardness that granite offers renders it the perfect material for kitchen surfaces. As installing durable material is a must in kitchens, granite appears as the ideal choice. Despite a number of different surface materials introduced, not a single one has been able to beat granite.

At Express Marble & Granite Inc., we polish granite to a high gloss. This exposes the granite crystals that shine with their full luster after the polish. So when it comes to the appearance, granite is never going to lose its shine, if maintained well.

As far as cleaning and maintenance are concerned, granite is easier to clean. You need not spend a lot of effort in cleaning and maintaining your granite surfaces. A simple wipe every day keeps it as fresh and shiny as new. The fact that granite does not attract bacteria further adds to its fit for kitchen and bath surfaces.


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