Outdoor Kitchen And BBQ

Outdoor kitchens and BBQ’s are an excellent bonus to any home. Whether you like to entertain large groups of people or just enjoy spending time in the outdoors, an outdoor kitchen not only extends your family’s living space, but it also adds value to your home.

 When it comes to building an outdoor kitchen, some items are a given, for instance a stainless steel barbecue grill, a stone fire pit, and teak patio furniture. Using items made from natural elements, like stone and wood, complement the patio feeling of an outdoor kitchen. These things are also earth-friendly, which is always a bonus.

 In the finest houses, outdoor living spaces aren’t a nice touch–they are anticipated. Express Marble & Granite Inc signature products make it easy to transform your backyard into a showpiece that rivals the beauty of any you’ve seen. Your outdoor kitchen countertop and BBQ goes a long way to increase the allure of this room, and our selection includes choices to suit any style.

 Our countertops offer many benefits beyond their impressive beauty, including:

 Weather Resistance:

Another thing to consider in your outdoor kitchen is your countertop space. You need something which will provide enough space to prepare and serve foods while holding up to harsh weather and extreme temperatures. We don’t just mean our countertops can resist a little rain. This is the reason why granite countertops are the first choice for homeowners with outdoor kitchens. Granite is an eco-friendly material that is built to last.

 Non-Porous Surfaces:

However much you adore your imported marble or granite countertops, caring for them can be a hassle–but you won’t have to worry about such maintenance on your custom outdoor kitchen from Express Marble & Granite Inc.. The non-porous surface won’t stain, even if a guest spills their glass of wine and neglects to wipe it up.

 Many Style Options:

Our fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete countertops can be custom fabricated to fit any outdoor kitchen island. Many colors and unique designs are available, so we are able to offer a look that ties all the elements of your outdoor space together.


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