soap stone

Soapstone has become a go-to material for countertops, fireplaces, sinks, and vanities in a short time. Its increasing popularity is attributed to the impervious qualities it features. Being a metamorphic rock, soapstone consists of around 50% talc while other minerals include magnetite and chlorite, quartz and carbonates, etc.

It is a dense and nonporous but relatively soft material. Also, it is highly heat resistant. These significant properties have added to its use in kitchens. A pot fresh off the stove can be put on your soapstone countertop without any worries. So if you are into cooking or baking, a soapstone kitchen surface is your perfect option.

Being nonporous, it does not get stains easily. So you are good to clean any sort of spillage without worrying about stains. And so, it does not need very high maintenance. Coming in a variety of gray colors, soapstone is a great choice if gray is your preferred tone.


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