There are two areas in your house where you get a great deal of bang for your renovation-buck. First off is the kitchen, but the next best place to invest your cash is in your bathroom. An upgraded bathroom is always a fantastic return on your investment. When you have stone as your tub surround, your bathroom will be changed into something which is both eye-catching and incredible.

 Granite isn’t only for your counters! Here’s another terrific way to make a more functional space which also looks incredible: if you’ve got a whirlpool bathtub, you may have a custom surround made from the marble or granite.

 For those who get a walk-in shower which would have tile on the walls, you may instead choose”cladding,” that is where the wall is coated with one smooth piece of granite.  Rather than having to watch dirt gathering on your grout lines each time you shower, you can discover new colors and mineral formations as you gaze on a soothing natural stone.

 Stone bathtub surrounds are an ideal match for any bathroom. Among the greatest things about a stone tub surround is the absence of grout lines. If you choose tile, you’ll be working to clean mildew from all that grout. Stone slabs are in massive pieces, so you don’t have that grout to take care of. If you’re trying to add value to your house, or just add magnificence to your shower routine, then rock is fantastic for you. We want to assist you make the perfect choice for you home.

 What is more, adding stone to your house increases its resale value. With the beauty and durability of stone, you will enjoy your new bathroom knowing you have made the perfect choice for your design aesthetic, house value, and individual lifestyle.  Express Marble & Granite Inc will assist you every part of the way.


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